AWT Annual Member Luncheon 2017

AWT Annual Member Luncheon 2017

Date: 07th April 2017

Location: Lakeland Community College, Holden University Center, Kirtland,OH

More industries are using Virtual Reality for..

Training: Virtual training enables risks to students and equipment to be completely eliminated.

Design: VR systems and services reduce design errors, foster understanding and communication, reduce or eliminate physical prototypes and, above all, reduce risk.

Manufacturing: Operations teams can review virtual prototypes to highlight manufacturing issues earlier, to better understand the human factors implications and to be able to train production line staff to get it right first time.

Research: VR is an extremely powerful tool for research, helping academics, scientists and students do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, thanks to its power as a communication too

Marketing: Being memorable and being seen as innovative are good for differentiating you in your market and adding value to your reputation and brand. And VR definitely brings a wow factor.

Virtalis will be showing off the power of its transportable, interactive 3D visualization system, the ActiveMove, their desktop visualization system, the ActiveDesk, their portable head-mounted display system, the ActiveSpace, and their advanced visualization software, Visionary Render.