PTC® and Virtalis Create Technology Showcase

PTC® and Virtalis Create Technology Showcase

Partnering to Bring Data Alive

PTC is a global provider of technology platforms and enterprise applications for smart and connected products, operations, and systems. PTC’s enterprise applications serve manufacturers and other businesses that create, connect, operate, analyze and service products. Led by its award winning ThingWorx® application enablement platform, PTC’s platform technologies help companies deliver new value emerging from the Internet of Things. An early pioneer in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, PTC later expanded into product lifecycle management and service lifecycle management.

Virtalis is a world-leading Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced visualization company and is just as much of an innovator and name to be reckoned with. Virtalis serves its customers by making technology the servant not the master, resulting in solutions that are high on functionality and low on hassle. Key customer benefits of Virtalis solutions are enhancing stakeholder communication and understanding and providing strong financial value from the technology investment.

Virtalis is a member of PTC’s PartnerAdvantage™ Program, PTC’s partner program for software and hardware companies with products that complement PTC’s enterprise applications. Virtalis’ VR and visualization solutions help drive PTC software demos in the PTC Corporate Visit Center customer theater to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Sean Miller, Senior Director of Partner Strategy and PTC PartnerAdvantage Program, explained: “Virtalis has been a Gold Tier PartnerAdvantage partner for many years and provides a differentiated advanced visualization offering. Both global and mid-market customers can benefit from using Virtalis Visionary Render software. We are pleased to use Virtalis VR and visualization solutions in our customer theater to provide an exceptional customer experience.”

CVC-Main LobbyPTC’s Corporate Visit Center

At the heart of PTC’s Corporate Visit Center at its headquarters in Needham, Massachusetts is its customer theater where the company shows demonstrations of its software solutions to hundreds of companies, schools, politicians and industry analysts that visit each year. Virtalis supplied an early ActiveWall interactive 3D display system for PTC’s first customer theater in 2005 and, more recently, completed a total refurbishment. PTC has found the theater is ideal for showcasing different aspects of design tools in action, introducing new customers to PTC technology, validating a customer’s products in more detail, and demonstrating additional PTC software to help customers create, operate, and service their products.

Elio Nicolosi, Sales Enablement Manager at PTC, explained: “Virtalis deeply understands our business and our customers as well as how our applications seamlessly integrate with VR technology. Furthermore, they knew how best to design a VR system that delivers a big impact. The projected images are very impressive as they appear sharp, bright and very large – a great customer experience.”

CVC-Front DeskThe Technical Spec and the Software

The 25-person customer theater is dominated by the ActiveWall’s 19 x 7 foot screen. The system is a two-channel rear-projected active stereo 3D system designed by Andrew Connell, Virtalis’ technical director. ActiveWall is an installed, immersive, interactive 3D visualization system. Projection is supplied by two Christie Mirage-M WU12 projectors with tracking by an InterSense IS900 Wireless Simtracker. The whole system is powered by a high-end Dell workstation with NVIDIA graphics.

The Virtalis Visionary Render immersive VR software combines with multi walled VR Cubes or CAVEs, Active or Power Walls or portable VR systems to create a 1:1 scale virtual environment.

Key Benefits of Visionary Render:

• Interactive and immersive capability enhances understanding
• Unique 3D semi-transparent user interface reinforces the 3D experience
• Users can collaborate in a single VR environment – globally
• Interfaces with different tracking systems and is cluster aware for increased performance
• Collision detection for the entire model enhances realism and improves understanding

PTC Creo® View™ design review software provides the key PTC visualization capabilities. Dr. Michael Rygol, VP of CAD Visualization and Solution Management at PTC, explained: “Virtalis has developed a seamless transition between PTC Creo View and Visionary Render, allowing users to enjoy a full VR experience from their pre-existing compact PTC Creo View data.”

The Customer Experience

“With Virtalis technology in our customer theater, our customers and our sales teams can see the value and the benefits that Visionary Render offers,” Elio Nicolosi continued. “From a demo perspective, the multiple picture-in-picture views allow us to display what we want where we want. We are also using Virtalis’ ActiveView software which allows us to plug in different devices such as laptops and tablets and seamlessly toggle between them. There is no question that an immersive and interactive 3D experience wows the customer.”